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Online Poker Part 1: Misattribution of value and stakes in MTTs

Posted by Vikram Singh on 2018-12-25 at 12:19 AM


The above are just a few of the small stakes tournies I could find. I have won tournaments at every stake. 2011 – 4$ 1.9K runner was my first micro-stakes big field win. Although I guess I had won a 8$ 500 Max before that and 24 tabled 2.20$ 180 mans, I knew nothing about MTTs. I was doing what I was taught. No questions asked.
Since Mid April 2018, my volume went exclusively to Pokerstars IN.


I come from a time when 2p2 forums were peak! Apart from the fact that forum is the reason I don’t have a broken back, the biggest asset I gained there was a connection with some of the best poker players in the world – A connection that over time has lead to acquisition of wisdom from those who have knives sharp enough to cut through frontier after frontier of online poker. These players are pioneers and have stood the test of time. They are your video game’s Final Boss on GOD mode. Unbeatable. If you can’t find them, look above – different level.

Recently, I had a chance to get some of this invaluable and inexhaustable wisdom from ihaterivers – a player that puts up numbers that take high stakes to shame. What I loved most about him was his penchant to make every $ count. No professional poker player cares about stakes – the math is same across the board, they care about making money. Highstakes = More money is the biggest myth in poker.

Player tendencies in India might be smarting up to poker strategy but when I see good players near Starting Stack take a -EV spot at the end of late-reg, a spot where one should be under-shoving and passing +EV jams, makes me wonder what they were doing in school when the subject was compound interest. They are blinded to the amount of times they will end up paying entry + rake or entry + rake + add-on w/rake compared with the return on investment.

I had a lot of coaching to give and take today so after the Winter Series tail end, I found myself staring at the last tournament of the day – 300 INR Hyper Turbo – I regged it, I won it.

I am a forthright, to some, ‘brash’ but in totality a through and through objectively minded person. Right now I have just closed the Pokerstars client and will be running 81 flops from yesterday’s Winter Series Main Event where I finished 6th.

Tonight, I grossed about 14K INR and to some that might look like a waste of time – some min cash thing but I won, I am in this game for a penny and I am in it for a pound. Tomorrrow, massive amount of games – mainly sattys and some low BIs will get cancelled because their value is deemed not worthy. The problem is – Mathematics. It does not care about value judgements, it deals with true value. I read an article about the cost of live-tournaments with travel blah blah eating into ROI – I assert that it is in fact online poker where players leak the most money, it’s just leaked over a long time like a clapped out Vectra

Where will these players be in five years I wonder? Prison M!ke will be the Final Boss and his weapon of choice – Thunder!

Part 2 and 3 will focus on game selection and delve a little deeper into analytics. In the meantime, if you have any questions about online poker – you can ask me, I am always ready to help people, they call me ‘Mike the Instructor’

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